Specific Gravity

Model ASG Specific Gravity Testers

Specific gravity is determined by taking a sample of known size, weighing it in air, then weighing it in a predefined test solution of a precise density, and then calculating the difference. The resultant is the specific gravity.

The Model ASG is used to determine the specific gravity of uncompounded, compounded, and reclaimed stocks of unvulcanized rubber and rubber-like materials. It conforms with the requirements of ASTM.

The Model ASG comes complete with a hookup to a PC with BENZWIN2000 software for automated data collection and control. The software shows dry weight, wet weight and specific gravity for each test. The average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation is automatically calculated after the second test, and the minimum and maximum values are also presented as well.

The software also calculates volume swell by comparing historic data with ... Read More