Fixtures, Grips and Accessories

Model C-1 Eccentric Roller Grips

Eccentric Roller Grips - for Elastomeric and Polymeric Materials
Specifications: U.S. Customary (inches)

Model Z-1 Rubber Dumbell Grips

Rubber Dumbell Grips - for Elastometric Materials

Model A-7 Band Clamps

Model A-7 Band Clamp - For loops of elastic fabric and similar materials.

Model X-1 Clamps

Model X-1 Clamp - Use for fine wire and filaments

Model A-500 Flat Grips

Model A-500 Flat Grip - Use for sheet and flat materials with 3 to 1 leverage for greater gripping power.

Model X-5 Wedge Grips

Model X-5 Wedge Grip - Wire/Cord

Model NBS Toggle Grips

Model NBS Toggle Grip - Wire/Strip

Model AC-250 Air Rubber Strips

Air Grip for Rubber Strips

Ring Test Spools

Ring Test - For Rubber O-ring

Foam Air Grips

Foam Air - For foam-like material

Air Wedges

Air Wedge - For wire

Crow's Foot Fixtures

Crow's Foot - For Wire

Split Drum Web Grips

Split Drum Web Grip - For Webbing

Model A400 Air Fixtures

Model A400 Air - For cord/yarn

Model A-2K Fixtures

Model A-2K - for fabric/sheet

Model S-005M Wedges

Model S-005M wedge - Round and flat

Ball Burst Fixtures

Ball Burst - For fabric/sheet/film

4 Inch (in) Diameter Compression Plattens

4" dia compression - For all materials

6 Inch (in) Diameter Compression Plattens

6" dia compression - For all materials

3 Point Bend Test Fixtures

3 point bend - plastics/composite

4 Point Bend Test Fixtures

4 point bend - For plastics/composite