Abrasion Testers

NBS Abrasion Testers

The Benz NBS Abrader meets and exceeds specifications, described in ASTM D-1630, for abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber or other compounds. This abrasion machine consists of a 6" diameter drum; three arms, pivoted at one end, with a mass suspended from the other end; three dial thickness gauges with 0.001" graduation; an internal blower and vacuum; a digital cycle counter; and a controlled abrasive (40 grit, No. 1-1/2 garnet paper; 6" in width)

  • clean, uncontaminated specimens - internal blower and vacuum
  • precise cycle measurement - digital display counter
  • simple to use - ready-to-test within minutes
  • increase test volume - three samples tested at once

Benz services and calibrates every instrument we sell, as well as most major manufacturers' models.

DIN Abrasion Testers

The new Benz DIN Abrader accurately and consistently measures the abrasion resistance of cured rubber compounds, enabling quality control engineers, purchasing agents and researchers to compare and verify the durability of rubber compounds.

The Benz DIN Abrader offers companies verification of materials abrasion durability, which is crucial for insuring quality, comparing suppliers and verifying claims.

The Benz DIN Abrader removes rubber from a 16 mm (5/8") diameter sample. It allows the abrasion of compounds up to 40 m (36.6 yds.) long, using pretreated sandpaper in an unusual method that prevents the paper from becoming clogged with rubber residue.

The amount of pressure applied to the compound can be adjusted in 5 Newton increments, up to 20 Newtons, showing the effect on the compound of different abrasion pressures.

A sample of compound can also be ro... Read More